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Your borrower success stories illustrate what it means to deliver opportunity for all. They help OFN demonstrate how CDFIs work to help create good family-wage jobs, decent affordable homes, healthy foods, locally-owned stores, quality schools and community facilities, and so much more.

We invite you to submit your stories and photos that illustrate your impact. OFN may use these stories in national or local media pitches, on our social media channels, in our conversations with policymakers and partners, and on our website. For stories to have the greatest impact, please keep in mind:

  • Stories should be recent (within the last year)
  • Stories should include a borrower or partner that would be comfortable with their photo and information shared
  • Borrowers and partners may need to be contacted for further details
  • The more detail you can provide, the better

Questions? Contact Caroline Valvardi, OFN Senior Associate, Strategic Communications.