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An El Paso Entrepreneur Builds on a Difficult Teenage Experience

Financial and Social Impact

  • Jobs created: Eight caregiving professionals
  • Patients served: Seven receiving care from Victoria Home Care

Victoria Rayas brings a deeply personal dimension to her business.

As a teenager, she was the sole caregiver for her paralyzed mother, a difficult responsibility that helped give her a profound education on the lack of resources many families in similar situations face.

Today she uses that experience―and more than 15 years of working in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes―to inform her work as owner of Victoria’s In-Home Care in El Paso.

The thriving business was founded with the help of an ACCION Texas loan, and its core mission is to allow patients to live at home comfortably while maintaining their independence.

Victoria’s motto: Quality care, respect and dignity to clients in their own homes.

(Date of loan: 2010. Date of story publication: 2013)